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Quake Live Internet Explorer Plugin 1.0

Quake Live is a browser-based FPS that signals the future of gaming
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Quake Live is an multi-player FPS designed by id Software. The amazing thing about this game is that it is meant to be played through the Web browser. For that, you need to download the plug-in for your specified browser. In the case of Internet Explorer, the plug-in is merely 6 MB. What id Software has done is port the basic elements of Quake III Arena into Quake Live. It looks, feels and plays exactly the same as Quake III. After you register, you have to download the plug-in and install it. Then you start downloading the core of the game. While you download, you can customize your settings, controls and character for the game. Then you are taken into a training match to determine your skill level. After this, you can browse for online game against other players. You can play inside the browser window or at full-screen mode. The game does suffer from some performance issues sometimes, but most of the time it runs smoothly. It is amazing that you can play a game like Quake III for free on your game browser. You can basically play it in any computer. An excellent achievement by id Software.

Ismael Mireles
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  • A new way of play games
  • Good gaming options


  • Some features still need to be implemented
  • Some problems in performance
  • Supports only Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers
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